Thursday, June 10, 2010

On the 5th day of Ryder...

my true love gave to me....sitting up, 2 more teeth , zombie crawls, real crawls, standing up and super cuteness!!!

As you can see Ryders 8th month here on earth was incredible!!!
On January 20th, he rolled over and sat up all by himself!! It was such a fun thing to see him do for the first time. Exactly a week later, he started crawling backwards. Weird little child, I know this. But he would just scoot his little self backward. Very cute thing to see. Exactly one week later he started what I call a zombie crawl! He would lay on his tummy and just kinda pull himself around without using his legs. Again, weird little child. Almost exactly a week later, I don't know what's with him and learning things in a week, he started to really crawl! Then all bets were off. We had to get gates and bumpers and all that.
On February 7th, this happened.
Cam stood him up on his exersaucer, and he actually stood there and played! His balance was unbeleivable!
7 days later on the 14th, he pulled himself to standing all by himself!! WOW, my little boy was growing up so fast.
We also found out that he was little gymnast.
Getting ready to dismount. He got a 10.0 from all the judges. He won the competition hands down!
He also found out that his favorite snacks were baby cheetos. He loves them!! His hand-eye coordination was getting so much better day by day. And with the two additional teeth I found on January 25th, it was a lot of fun for him to crunch on them!
This is the month that he also started exhibiting mommy like tendencies during sleep. :) Cam says I'm a crazy sleeper...I don't think I am, but then again, I'm asleep so what do I know?

See that green blankie at the top he's cuddling? That's Softie 2.0. I have my Softie, he's yellow with stars. I've had him since I was a baby; my grandmothr gave him to me. And yes, I am a weirdo that needs to be studied because I still sleep with him every night. Ryder has his own softie, he's green with stars. My grandmother gave him to him...weird right? I swear she puts spells on blankets. He carries it everywhere he goes, just like I did. He has to have it to sleep, just like I did, and still do. :) It's very cute, and very frustrating. I know how my mom felt now.
And now for the crème de la crème of photos from this month.

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