Monday, June 7, 2010

On the 8th Day of Ryder

my true love gave to me....2 teeth, Halloween and first foods!!

See, I told you if you stuck around it would get more exciting!!

On October 15th I saw this...

That, my friends, is a tooth! In my sons mouth! WHAT? It can't be. That means he's growing up. Those were my thoughts at the time, now that he has 8 fully grown teeth, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. He was a great teether. He rarely cried, he mostly just whined about the pain. If you have a little one that will be teething soon, get some baby Orajel and baby Orajel nighttime. It's a lifesaver. Not only did he get one tooth, he got two teeth!! Both teeth I didn't even know he was breaking until he opened his mouth in front of my face.

Another milestone this month, was his first Halloween!! My little man had two costumes: a pirate and a giraffe. We went to two parties, one at the Kinghams and one at the Hedgpeths. Unfortunatley, we have no photos from the Kinghams, but he was dressed as a pirate for that one. Here is my little giraffe:
I was a strawberry daiquiri. :) Isn't he the cutest little giraffe ever??! Cam was sick so was MIA most of the party, but I did get a few photos of them together. I know the focus is off in this photo, but Ryders face is so freaking cute I don't care.

Since my little giraffe had teeth we could start feeding him "real" food. I don't know why anyone would want to eat that runny white rice stuff. It looks gross, smells gross, and I only fed him that for a week or so. He has always been a good eater. The first time we gave him that glue textured crap, he was unsure of it, but still ate it up.

Notice all the receiving blankets around him. That's thanks to Cams OCD about Ryder being clean. :)

This month was full of milestones, and it was a lot of fun. We were able to dress him in some cute clothes because he was finally big enough!
This was a cute little outfit. You could unsnap the legs so it was just a gown, which is better for warmer weather. It had built in mittens, little booties and the hat.

Then we have farmer Ryder. I <3 overalls on kids! Please excuse his left shoe not being completely on, they didn't fit. The "newborn" size was way too small for my big footed child. :)
Yet again, my mother made him some diaper covers, and they were way too big. This was my attempt at making them look good even though they were huge. *By the way, they are just NOW fitting him. :)*

Ryder also started interacting with his toys more. He even had a favorite. Introducing, the dragonfly
He loved him so much he slept with him like his binkie. So cute. It was fun to see him starting to interact and get some coordination. And of course, his personality was coming out even more. Look at this mohawk and him looking at his daddy going, What are you talking about?!



  1. such cute photos. We have the same bouncy seat and I almost bought a giraffe costume for my son too.

    I am a new follower. I hope to see you over at my place sometime. Come by and say hi and enter one of my new giveaways! They have low entries so your chances of winning are great.

    Have a great week!

  2. Good to start off a blog-ship with things in common. :)
    Following back!

  3. Thank you so much! Following you back!

  4. Southern ReflectionsJune 7, 2010 at 5:30 PM

    What adorable pictures!! :o)

  5. Sheri_at_UnexpectedBlissJune 7, 2010 at 5:54 PM

    So cute! I love those overalls, I remember when my boys were tiny guys; they wore the heck out of overalls cause I thought they were so cute. What a sweetie you have :)


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