Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Outskirts of the Middle of Nowhere

This is Ocotillo, CA
This is where I spent 4th grade - half way through freshmen year of high school.
Population: 350
Takes about an hour to get to the grocery store. The motto is "Where the Sun Spends Its Winter." It gets insanely hot there. We fried an egg on our driveway once, in about a minute. 

Ryder and I left Tuesday morning and arrived Tuesday afternoon. We stayed with the wonderful Brenda and Tracy, who are basically like other moms to me. I grew up with them and their son at the house everyday. We dropped Ry off with Holly and Miranda, two of the little girls I use to babysit! They got so big!!! 
We went to the Lazy Lizard, the local, and only, bar in town. My parents went all the time when I was little. We walked in, I went straight to the stool on the corner. So I could watch everyone of course! They later told me that that's where my mom sat! Creepy. 
This is Patti. Holly and Mirandas grandma. We drove up to Idaho two summers in a row, so I could babysit. 
She's my other grandma. Her and my actual grandma are best friends. They go to Las Vegas every single April. 
This is DeDe, Patti's daughter, mother of Holly and Miranda
And this is Brenda
And...of course...this needs no explaination

I had a lot of fun hanging out in my moms old bar, with her friends, drinking her brand of beer! 
Brenda and I went home, and sat outside. There is nothing like an Ocotillo night. Other than the sunsets and sunrises. You can see every single star in the sky. 
On Wednesday, Brenda and I took Ry swimming. If you remember, he HATED swimming the first time. This time, he didn't mind so much. He had his little floatie to sit on. 
After swimming, we let him wander around for a while. He found lots of things to play with. 
He was all tuckered out after that. As was I. So we took a nice long nap. When I got up Brenda and Tracy were at the house, yes Ryder and I had a whole house to ourselves, getting the pool and things ready for the BBQ that night!
We had yummy ribs, brawtwurst, potato salad and beans. Oh, and of course beer. Duh, whats a BBQ without beer? Everyone was in love with Ryder. 
This is Tracy and Mr. Baby
Patti, Alexis, Jamie, Mr. Baby & Tracy
Randy, Mr. Baby and I. Look at her, she is so grown up. I watched her when I was about 11, and she was 4 I think!!! 
Yes, I did get that pink in the pool. And we weren't in that long. Go sensitive skin! At the moment, my scalp is peeling!
Patti & her husband, Jim
Mr Baby just lounging on Brenda. She loves this child. Her son, Michael, is mad at me for taking a baby to the house, he says he's gonna hear about it for the next 6 months. Brenda really wants a grandbaby!!
Mr. Baby and DeDe. She gave him an ice cube...she looked at her like she was crazy. 
It was nice to be back there, and plan to go again soon. These people are part of my family, and I love them all very much. The town itself on the otherhand...hate it. :) That being said, if you're ever on I-8 going from San Diego to Arizona, stop by. Check it out, you'll think you're on a movie set because it is that desolate. A post office, a fire station, a gas station, a deserted gas station and a bar. That's all folks. 
Happy Tuesday! 


  1. looks like you had fun!

  2. Following back from FMBT. Based on those pics you seem like my kinda people

  3. Great photos and post. Thank you for sharing. What adorable kidlets!!
    Make sure to zoom over and get your entries put in for my monthly giveaways, more coming soon.
    Stay Fabulous


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