Monday, July 12, 2010

I am *not* Mommy of the Year

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Wow...there is a lot going on in the blog world. It's hard to keep up with...kind of. :) What makes it harder is that I'm sick. I have a wicked cold and cough, it is NOT fun. But nonetheless, I have to participate in this. Let me start by saying, my son is happy and healthy. Judge all you want, but it's my blog, and I'll post what I want.

I am not mommy of the year. At all. I mean really, who is? Can you honestly tell me that your house is spotless, dinner is home made and ready on the table at 6, laundry done and put away, and the kids quietly playing and in activities galore? I think not. 

In my house, I take care of my son. Yes, dinner is home made most every night, except Friday and sometimes Saturday. It is ready at 8 every night, right after babies bed time. Yes, my house is clean. But I don't do that, hubby does. Yes, laundry is clean, but again, I don't do it, hubby does. Is it put away? Kind of...His clothes are hung up and pretty. My clothes are usually in a box or on the floor of the closet. Baby has pretty boxes for his clothes, and they are separated, but never folded or neat. 

"My areas" of the house are disgustingly unorganized. It's almost hoarder like. 

I spend way too much time on the computer. To escape the reality that I am a stay at home mom at 23 years old. I play with my son, don't get me wrong. We play and read and have "fun". But really, how long can you read the same book to the same kid who has no idea what you're saying? And how long can you build things with blocks before the monster tears it down? 

There are the bad days, when nap time is hell, and he can stay in the crib and cry himself to sleep. Bad mother? Not really, but not the best either. 

I smoke. More than I should. Plop the kid in the playpen and go outside to get some "quiet" time. Half the time, he sits down and "reads" the other half...he knocks on the door to get my attention. I drink at least 3 beers or 2 glasses of wine a night. A night. Yes, you read that correctly. I'm still able to take care of my child, I'm just feeling happier. :) 

I use cartoons to babysit. Get that kid in the high chair with some snacks, turn on Handy Manny and viola, quiet. I can finally eat lunch or drink the coffee that's been sitting there since 5 this morning. Hell, sometimes I'll even take a shower, since those come possibly twice a week. Forget shaving my legs...I just wanna stand there to get my alone time. 

During naptime, it's computer time. Not cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc, time. It's my time. 
Baby book? Not started. Thank the lord I have facebook and a blog to keep up with my milestones. 
Dr. appointments? Ha! His one year check up was supposed to be last month, but won't be until August because I chose to stay in California with my family for the summer. 

I'm not a bad mom. But I am SO not mommy of the year. 

NOT Mom of the Year Award


  1. I hear ya! I really do! And don't feel bad, because most nights I have a couple glasses of wine or a couple martinis. It just helps me unwind!!

    Thanks so much for entering our contest!!

  2. Yeah, I probably spend too much time on the computer too...But hey it's my passion Right?
    HAHA! I loved this post.
    And I so get the laundry thing...
    And I HATE socks!
    They are of the devil.
    Sorting them that is...

  3. TV = the best babysitter ever.

  4. I think you are too hard on yourself sister, you'll figure it all out :)

  5. Girl you just described me! I let my boys watch TV because it is the only time they are quiet! I learned my lesson the hard way and have let my 2nd son cry during nap times or at night...and guess what he is the best sleeper now!

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. I'm definitely guilty of spending naptime online instead of doing household chores. Don't be too hard on yourself :)

  7. Oh honey you are preaching to the choir. I am all about everything you just mentioned. Being mom of the year is overrated anyway.

  8. I applaud you for writing this!

    No one is perfect and I can't stand the people that pretend everything is. They're usually more messed up than the rest of us.

    Keep being a mommy your way. You're doing a fine job!

  9. im 23 and a sahm mom too and I can relate to this on sooo many levels!! I mean its to the point where im completely dazed out and B is like moma PLEASE talk to me.. oops!

  10. Your hubs cleans and does laundry? You are living my dream!

  11. It's pathetic that I can relate most to the drinking every night and what you do during naptime.

    SOOO happy to connect thru NOT MOM Of the Year!


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