Monday, July 26, 2010

Photo Challenge Monday...I know it's not Tuesday. Too bad.

Assignment: 2(6)
...what you have to do is go into
your 2nd folder of photos and post the 6th photo there. Doesn't matter what it is.
How silly, how beautiful, how awful, how embarrassing-doesn't MATTER!!!

This is a box I made. I started making paper favor boxes a while ago. I have finally started an etsy store, but am waiting to get back home until I take more photos of the products, and actually open the store!! 

This weeks assignment is Purple

The Paper Mama

This weeks assignment is: You're absolute favorite!! (Of your child) 


  1. Great variety of pictures! Love those little boxes. :O)

  2. Your entry for the Paper Mama Photo Challenge is absolutely adorable!! :)

  3. The boxes are great! (oh and your paper mama entry is awesome!)

    If you like the raw(e) theme, come to my blog on Friday. I'm hosting "Photo Roulette Friday." I hope you'll join.

  4. That paper box is amazing!

    I love the purple flowers too, very pretty.


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