Monday, August 2, 2010

Cowboy Party

Yes, yet again I have proven to be a bad blogger. I am sorry!!!
This is usual. It has been over a month since Ryders second 1st birthday party! Goodness! I still can't believe he's a year old!
We had two parties for him because the majority of our family lives in N. California.
My mom is the proud sponsor of this party.

I spent two and a half days making this freaking cake!!! It was yummy home mad funfetti cake with buttercream and vanilla frosting.

This isn't the horse I wanted to do...nor the cowboy. But I got so frustrated with the other cowboy and horse, I cried. AND I screwed this horse and cowboy up really bad as well...can you tell where?

He had his own personal cake of course. It was banana cake with vanilla frosting. Yummy! He had a great time devouring that cake; he literately ate half of it! Little piggy he is. 

We BBQ'd and let the kids play in the park, and what my mother calls the kiddy car wash. 

And of course, what kids birthday party wouldn't be complete without a pinata? Not my baby. 

He of course got a lot of wonderful presents from his family.

The party was a huge success, and everyone had a great time. 

For some reason, I don't have a photo of him in his adorable little outfit. :( 


  1. What a cutie!
    Great cake too.

  2. OH MY Goodness Jillian I want to use that same cowboy theme for my son's party ! He'll be 1 in Sept and we have been looking through the party catalog I have. I can't remember the name,. But they have that same thing with the banner and all. My husband doesnt like it. But seeing it now in action I love it! And your cake is amazing! Those pics are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm follow your blog. I would love if you could follow mine, too!


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