Wednesday, September 1, 2010

day 01 - 30 days of truth

I had mentioned in my post earlier today, that I would be doing the 30 days of truth blogging challenge. Here is day 1.
This is why I wanted to do this challenge. When else are you going to really think about yourself like this? Things I hate about myself are as follows:
  • My need to make everyone happy
  • My insecurities about what I am capable of
  • My need to have someone in my life to make me feel complete
  • Procrastination
  • Sometimes I hate how blunt I am to people
  • My inability to see what I do wrong
  • All of the excess hair on my body
  • The inability to see that the excess hair on my body is not a horrible thing
  • The fact that I cannot and will not talk about my feelings, at all. Ever. 
    There are probably more, but at this time, I am going to stop the list. If edited, I will repost entire post with new things in bold. 
    Please comment if you are doing this 30 Days of Truth Challenge too!! 


    1. hmm...I fear that at the end of my own 30 days of truth, I'd be friendless...

      Excited to follow now and see where this takes you.

    2. I love 30 Day challenges! Where did you come up with 101 in 1001 and the 5000 questions?

    3. I feel the need to make everyone happy and like me too. Sometimes this is great...sometimes not the best thing. Just found your blog through another blog! Have a great day!

    4. Hi there,

      New follower here from Travelling Thursday. I will have to give this meme a try. Thanks for hosting. Hope you'll come by and drop me a visit whenever you can.

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