Monday, January 3, 2011

hate is such a strong word

day 01-----------> something you hate about yourself

It's always great to start the year out thinking of things you don't like about yourself right? Well here goes nothing...
I hate that I am so stubborn. Being stubborn itself is fine, but I am overly stubborn, and I know this, yet I still cannot do a thing about it. 
I hate that no matter what, I cannot speak emotionally. It always turns into a logical thing; never a true emotion leaves these lips.
On that note, I hate that I keep everything in. And for an unmentionable amount of time. My walls are so high I might be a skyscraper soon.
I hate that my memory is so horrible; I mean truly horrible. It once took me almost an hour to think of what I had fed my son for lunch that day...

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