Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Memories, dreams & reflections

Yes, it's a phone picture...but it's still a picture of me! 

I Love You
My amazing little man. 

Still laughing...
Oh geez...this was hilarious!! A sock clipped in his hair, sock in his mouth, no pants, a piece of paper in the other hand, and he got stuck!! 

Winter Wonderland
Our winter arrived very late this year, and I missed the 5 minutes of here are our snuggies and matching slippers. Close mother/daughter bond? Nah...


The little man had two birthday parties this year. He is so not spoiled. 


I have met a lot of amazing people this past year. Although some of them may not be in my life anymore, I am glad to have met them. 

I was inspired....

Spring Fever

Travel or Vacation

Summer Days

A day in my life
Chasing the baby is a day in the life. 

All Smiles

Autumn Harvest


September Family Birthday Celebration

Lets do it again....
This was a wonderful night. Erase the end, and it was a super freaking wonderful night. Want to repeat the night, minus the end. 

I miss you


Dress Up

Obviously Halloween



My favorite

Don't ever change

Just there!

Hopes & Dreams
Hoping for this year to be better for little man and me. That's all. 

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  1. Love the photos. Glad you are back to blogging too.


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