Sunday, June 6, 2010

On the 9th Day of Ryder....

my true love gave to me.....strong arms, a visit from Grandma and Grandpa K and a broken foot.

Four Month Check Up:
14 pounds 1 ounce  22nd percentile
25 3/4 inches long   71st percentile
42.5 cm head circumference  48th percentile

After the all out hell of the third month, I can honostly say that the fourth month was better. minus my broken foot. :( Don't even ask how that happened, it just did. It was horrible timing too, Cam's parents came just a few days later. It is not fun wobbling around to restaurants and such on crutches.
Back to the man of the hour. Here he is with Grandpa K.
Grandpa K is in love with this child. They "have something special going on" as he says. And they do. Ryder loves him just as much as he loves Ryder. And, thats a lot! Grandpa K might love him more than we do--and he has 9 other grandchildren, and two more on the way later this year!!
This is Grandma K with the little man. He is incredibly loved by his grandparents (on both sides). He is also spoiled but all of them.
He gained a lot of strength in his arms this month. Look at him holding himself up! He would pull himself up there like a zombie and zombie crawl across it. He was, and is, a very active child, but still very independent. It's a wonderful mix of personality.
This picture was the first sign of teething, which you'll hear all about tomorrow. This picture has got to be one of the cutest pictures of him. For some reason I always think of Bugs Bunny when I see this, I have no idea why.
As you can see, my child is a very happy child. We were so grateful for a nice mellow fourth month. His personality started coming out more, and he is proving to have a big personality. He is strong, independent, wonderful and just all around amazing. He started sticking his tongue out at us when we did silly things to him. This month was also one of the months where he actually looked like a chubby baby, so cute. Look at that neck! 

On the 13th day of Ryder my true love gave to me......ultrasounds, dozens of doctors appointments, a scary birth experience and a baby shower!!
On the 12th day of Ryder my true love gave to me......Ryder!
On the 11th day of Ryder my true love gave to me…funny faces and...nothing else. :) 
On the 10th day of Ryder my true love gave to me.... colic and poop problems.
On the 9th day of Ryder my true love gave to me....strong arms, a visit from Grandma and Grandpa K and a broken foot. 


  1. I am popping over from Get to know me... Your little guys is about as cute as can be!!! PRECIOUS!

  2. Thank you so much! I never get sick of hearing that! :)


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